The Economic Gist Via Craigslist

My weekend walks with the dog have turned from quiet reveries into trips through a neighborhood bazaar. Driveway after driveway is packed with garage sales and people selling old DVD players, lamps, old books, anything, everything. Part of this is a natural summer decluttering ritual, but with gas and food prices through the roof, it’s seems like it’s becoming a quick way to make a little extra scratch.

My curiosity was piqued by this anecdotal evidence, so I decided to check with the online gurus of getting rid of your crap, Craigslist, to see if they had any data that showed a similar spike in activity. The numbers speak for themselves. There were a total of 129,653 garage sales posted to Craigslist nationwide in May of 2007. In May 2008 there were 252,561. And while that number dipped during the winter months (too cold to sit outside), it really took off after March. Read More about The Economic Gist Via Craigslist

Coast-to-Coast Craigslist Tour of Web Shows

Want to know what the next next hot web show will be? So do we, which is why we scoured Craigslist “gigs” sections to find out what was in production around the country. What did we discover? As you’d expect, New York and L.A. had the most options for aspiring web stars — just don’t expect to pay rent with what you make (unless your landlord accepts “bupkiss”).

Some of these opportunities may have already passed (lesson: always check Craigslist), but I doubt any web production would turn down free work if you wanted to help out.


Looks like Break a Leg better watch out, it’s got some Arrested Development-inspired competition in the works:

New comedic web series to be shot in San Francisco seeks additional actors for guest starring and series regular roles…

The style of the show will be somewhere between “Arrested Development” and “Sex and the City”; it follows a small group of twenty-somethings through some of the trials and tribulations of trying to balance various romantic opportunities and advenures as their lives unfold.

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December comScore Data Leaves MySpace in the Cold

MySpace’s growth may have peaked. Annual page views for the social network fell 7 percent from December of 2006 to the same month in 2007, according to the latest site rankings from comScore — the first time the site’s page views have declined year-over-year. And MySpace saw a 9 percent decline in page views from November to December as well. Facebook’s star, on the other hand, appears to still be rising as its year-over-year growth came in at 43 percent, despite a 12 percent decline from the prior month.
In terms of the number of unique visitors to each social network, however, MySpace is still in the lead, with almost twice the unique visitors as Facebook in December, but only a 12 percent year-over-year rise. Facebook didn’t make the top 10 sites when measured by unique visitors, but comScore data shows that the number of unique visitors to Facebook grew 81 percent from the same month last year. Read More about December comScore Data Leaves MySpace in the Cold

The GigaOM Show: Special Guest Craig Newmark

In the latest episode of The GigaOM Show, we chat with Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, and ask him if he has an exit plan or other new ventures in development? Craig began his online enterprise with a simple arts and technology event email list that went on to spawn Craigslist, in 1995. With its online classified success, most of the acknowledgment now resides on Jim Buckmaster, CEO & programmer of Craigslist. His next big idea? You have to watch the show to find out.

[protected-iframe id=”cbedc28b374a7cc29ab4084099054424-14960843-15759885″ info=”–0020–craigslist–400kbps.flv&ScrubMode=advanced&Thumb=–0020–craigslist–thumb.jpg&DefaultRatio=0.56&AutoSize=off&allowFullScreen=true” width=”342″ height=”215″]

You can download the show in HD, QuickTime, Windows Media or Xvid formats.