Twitter acquires Crashlytics team for mobile app development

Twitter has acquired Crashlytics, a company that works to improve mobile app performance and reduce bugs and crashes among other popular startups. The two companies announced Monday that the Cambridge-baseds startup will be joining up with Twitter.

When Akamai goes down, it takes the Internet with it

Major Internet sites like Facebook, Twitter,, Best Buy and saw an outage this afternoon, as Akamai faced DNS-related issues. For about an hour Monday, those issues slowed down some Akamai sites, while keeping users from accessing others altogether.

iPhone OS 3.1 Update Causing Crashes On iPhone 3G’s


It just wouldn’t be an iPhone OS update without the usual accompanying cries of anguish from end-users, now, would it? It seems Apple (s aapl) just can’t get the update process right; and there’s really no good excuse for it.

Over on the Apple Support user discussions forum several threads are quickly growing around a common theme; the iPhone OS 3.1 update is causing iPhone 3G’s to slow down and, in many reports shared by frustrated users, handsets are simply shutting down, seemingly at random.
A selection of the most popular posts at this time go by the provocative titles; 3.1 turned my iPhone slow – unusable and lacking in all tasks, 3.1 Update Problem – Hangs, Two very strange bugs found in 3.1, 3.1 killed 3G – unable to restore, WIFI Issues and Mysterious random total shut downs following 3.1 update.
At the time of writing, the problems seem to be limited to the iPhone 3G. Users report that their phones refuse to respond after:

  • exiting applications
  • unlocking the handset after auto-lock has kicked-in
  • waking from standby with or without the passcode lock activated.

In all cases, only a hard reset returned the handset to proper working order, but only temporarily. Reading through the different reports shows that users have tried different ways to fix the problem, including removing and reinstalling all applications, wiping all personal data and settings and even full system restores via iTunes — all to no avail. Read More about iPhone OS 3.1 Update Causing Crashes On iPhone 3G’s