Lehman Collapse Unsettles Solar Sector

The turmoil on Wall Street has until now had a muted impact on clean technology, but that’s starting to change. Some solar stocks are reeling from the shock waves of Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy.

Evergreen Solar (ESLR), JA Solar (JASO) and SunPower (SPWR) took hard hits early Tuesday, falling between 10 percent and 28 percent at the opening. Although each stock has since regained ground — JASO and SPWR were actually back in the green as of midday trading — the three stocks have given up between a tenth and a third of their value this week.

Each company had been in a stock-lending agreement with Lehman, leaving the bankrupt firm with shares that could complicate their future earnings. As Reuters explains,

“Under the deals, the three companies all lent shares to a Lehman subsidiary as part of stock issuances. If Lehman fails to return the shares as laid out under the agreements, they could be counted as part of their outstanding share counts, diluting the earnings per share of the companies.”

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5 Ways to test if your ISP throttles P2P

Do your torrent downloads seem to be taking longer than usual? Are you trying to transfer, say, a home video to a friend via Pando and the upload keeps getting stuck? Or maybe you’re having problems with BitTorrent’s new streaming service, which just doesn’t seem to work on your system? There’s a good chance your ISP is at fault, as more and more providers are putting the brakes on BitTorrent these days. How can you find out? NewTeeVee recommends five ways you can find out if your ISP is doing the hanky-panky with P2P

Yahoo defending its turf: display ads

After spending $680 million to scoop-up Right Media, Yahoo today announced a deal with Comcast to sell display and video advertising on Comcast’s web sites, which get a total of 2.5 billion page views a month. The deal also covers planned Fancast website.

Comcast has been slowly transforming itself into a web giant, and is ranked amongst the top ten web destinations, according to Comscore. Comcast has plans to launch many other destinations, as it chases the web opportunities.

Like most broadband providers, Comcast has realized it has been leaving ad-dollars on the table, and is now getting pretty aggressive about trying to mop some of that up. It needs to in order to finance some of the network build-outs it has to undertake in the near future.

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SanDisk USB card readers are the smallest anywhere

Sandisk_readersSanDisk recently announced two new media card readers in the MobileMate line. The MobileMate SD+ 5-in-1 reader supports SD™, MiniSD™, MultiMediaCard™, RS-MMC™ and TransFlash™ while the 4-in-1 MobileMate MS+ reader has one slot for Memory Stick™, Memory Stick PRO™, Memory Stick Duo™ and Memory Stick PRO Duo™. The flash memory cards can be plugged directly into the readers. No card adapters are required. Both readers are fast USB 2.0 based peripherals and are so tiny (think stick of gum sized) they can be carried anywhere. Each MobileMate reader will carry a suggested price of under $20 and they should be available in many outlets in November.(press release via Pocket PC Thoughts)