Facebook’s Privacy Crisis Is Also Its Opportunity

Facebook is facing an unprecedented crisis as the company’s efforts to weave its social network technology throughout the web’s entire fabric has gone wrong, erupting into a privacy nightmare. But Facebook has an opportunity to emerge from the privacy brouhaha it started even stronger than before.

Web Working Your Way Through a Personal Crisis

I’ve written previously about how I find it often more trouble than it is worth to take time off of work for vacations. But many of us in the first generation of web workers are part of the so-called “sandwich generation,” caring for kids and aging parents at the same time. The flexibility of web work to deal with a personal crisis may even be what attracted us to it. So sometimes, taking time off is unavoidable, and not for fun reasons. At those times, web work has both distinct advantages, and disadvantages. Being aware of what they are can make your management of both your personal crisis and your work better.

In the past 18 months, I’ve had to take time off of work for a variety of not-so-fun reasons. There’s been emergency trips to visit sick relatives, funeral travel, surgery for my mom, and surgery of my own. Plus, although we’ve been fortunate to not have serious disruptions from tropical weather here recently, that has happened before and will certainly happen again.

Here’s the lessons I’ve learned from those experiences about how being a web worker affects you during a personal crisis. Read More about Web Working Your Way Through a Personal Crisis

Don’t Take Chances on Losing a Big Client

DiceLosing a big client actually launched my freelance writing career, but not all stories end as well as mine did. Today, I try to make sure the income I receive is spread across more clients so I don’t get into that situation again. You can’t always help it when one big client starts to contribute a large chunk of your income — but what happens if you lose that client?
You can be prepared. This situation is one that we should all consider in our plans. Read More about Don’t Take Chances on Losing a Big Client

“Radically Transparent”: A Practical Guide to Online Reputation Management

Radically-Transparent_frontcover“Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online,” by Andy Beal and Dr. Judy Strauss, was recommended to me by several online friends who are involved in PR and marketing. It’s a practical and comprehensive book that’s designed to help individuals and businesses manage their reputations in a world in which the old rules no longer apply, thanks to the advent of the Internet.

The book begins by providing background on the importance of managing your company’s reputation online and the potential consequences if you don’t. It follows with practical instruction on using tools like social media and search engine optimization as ways to be proactive about managing your online reputation in order to achieve your business goals. The final section is about online monitoring of your reputation and managing an online reputation crisis. Read More about “Radically Transparent”: A Practical Guide to Online Reputation Management

A Startup Roadmap for Good Crisis Communications

Someone recently pointed out to me that “a crisis is the ultimate teachable moment.” Startup founders have long known this. Whether you find yourself dealing with a sudden lack of access to commercial loans, the collapse of a funding round, a management change, or even a failed product, you can help yourself work through such unpredictable — yet probably inevitable — business challenges by being prepared in advance with a response plan. One of the most important areas of your preparation, but one that is often overlooked, is your communications plan.
Maintaining clear and consistent communication with your staff, investors, customers and your partners can make all the difference to the success or failure of business in crisis, says Wendy Lane. She is founder of the public relations and marketing firm Lane PR based in Portland, Ore. Over the years Lane has helped clients, cope with all kinds of crises: from bankruptcies, to public political snafus, and in once case, a violent tragedy at a place of business. (Believe me, this sort of crisis puts the stock market turmoil into perspective, fast). Read More about A Startup Roadmap for Good Crisis Communications