Facebook has nothing to fear, except itself

According to Edward Aten, founder of Swift.fm, Facebook is recreating and competing with nearly every significant Internet product of the last few years. It’s an unprecedented pivot that threatens Facebook’s core products and may eventually benefit the very same startups Facebook is trying to crush.

1000memories integrates with Facebook to fill Timeline with old photos

San Francisco startup 1000memories has integrated its ShoeBox app for scanning and sharing old physical photos online with Facebook’s Timeline user interface. This means that people will be able to easily fill in the gaps on their Timeline between their birthdates and when they joined Facebook.

Facebook starts converting all profiles to Timeline

Facebook said Tuesday it will convert all users’ profiles to the new Timeline interface over the next few weeks. Soon Timeline, which shows each user’s life over an expandable Timeline that dates all the way back to his or her birth, will be the only design available to all Facebook users.

In the eyes of the law, are we all public figures on Facebook?

Social media sites like Facebook have been criticized as catering to users’ own deluded senses of self-importance, but a current lawsuit against Facebook might prove social media users are important. Within circles of friends, in fact, users might be considered celebrities–which has big legal implications.

Facebook’s tactical retreat on privacy

In all probability Facebook did not agree to implement any procedures in its deal with the FTC that it wasn’t already going to face significant pressure to implement — not from any U.S. authority but instead from the European Union.