Crocodoc rethinks PDFs for the mobile web

Four guys from MIT have come up with a super easy way to see PDF and other document files on the mobile browsers without needing any kind of plugins and special add-ons. Their company, Crocodoc has already snagged customers like Dropbox, SAP and LinkedIn.

Crocodoc’s New HTML5 Viewer Promises Better Speed and Accuracy

Online document service Crocodoc, which Thursday wrote about last year, is rolling out some new features that should make it easier to collaborate on and mark up highly-formatted documents, including PDFs, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, and PNG and JPEG images.

Crocodoc: Quick Document Collaboration

Collaborating on PDFs or PowerPoint presentations can make a person crazy, especially if you’re coordinating the efforts of multiple editors. Even if everyone involved has the necessary software, trying to manage everyone’s different comments can be a recipe for disaster.

Memopal online storage adds online file search

memopal-logoIt seems like online file storage/backup options are a dime a dozen and Memopal is one we haven’t covered much.  I haven’t tried it, but it seems to work much like other services and at $49/year for 150 GB of storage is pretty reasonably priced.

What brings Memopal to our attention is a press release they’ve just sent out that touts their new “cloud search” capability.  They index your online document files and can search a 2 million file archive in under 50 milliseconds.  This means you can find that particular document file you have backed up online with no muss and no fuss.  That alone may make Memopal worth checking out and they have a free trial available.