By the Numbers: Running Windows-Based MMOs On the Mac

For 90 percent of my daily toil, OS X is the best platform for me. I use it during my day job, freelance writing, school, graphic design, and the usual goofing off everyone does. However, there is one glaring desire missing: I play Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs), and the Mac-native offerings are slim. I’ve had to result to running games in emulators, virtual disks, and Boot Camp partitions, and after running some numbers I thought I’d share my findings with you.

The Games

I play the following MMOs: World of Warcraft, EverQuest 1 and 2, Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Dungeons and Dragons Online. Of these, only WoW and Warhammer have native clients. Which means I’m forced to use some sort of emulation to play them. A commenter  on Liam’s Windows 7 piece said, “You bought an Apple computer so use the Apple software. If you want it so bad go buy a PC.” For me, Apple and OS X are fantastic for my productivity needs, but when it comes to gaming, sadly, it’s still a Windows world. Read More about By the Numbers: Running Windows-Based MMOs On the Mac

Free CrossOver Day Today!

Put away your credit cards and get your download link-clicking fingers primed and ready, because Codeweavers is offering a copy of either CrossOver Linux or Mac for free to all comers…today only! The programs, which normally retail for $40, will be available free of charge (one license per customer) until midnight CST.
The giveaway is the result of the Bush administration actually achieving one of Codeweaver CEO Jeremy White’s “Lame Duck” goals, according to TUAW, who made the announcement earlier today. Specifically, the goal achieved was a price in gas of $2.79, which was actually precipitated by global economic conditions and not specific action from the White House. Still, White is making good on his promise.
CrossOver is a user friendly GUI for the Wine open source code, which allows Windows applications to be run on either OS X or Linux platforms without actually purchasing or installing a Windows license. The version available for download today will apparently be CrossOver for Mac professional, which includes CrossOver Games and 12 months support.
Let’s just hope the Codeweavers servers hold out! Check the official press release here for more information on how to get your free download, and see the remaining items on the “Lame Duck” list.