Survey: Cloud isn’t a cost panacea, but few expect it to be

According to a new survey by CSC, cloud computing is not the money saver it’s sometimes made out to be. But don’t fret — it’s still a very valuable delivery model for IT resources. The cloud brings with a wealth of benefits around mobility, efficiency and jobs.

Future of cloud computing … more clouds. Seriously.

The next big leap in both technology and business models around sharing elastic compute resources will be bidding for those resources at auction or acquiring them through a broker, according to Forrester. But this broker business just adds more abstraction to an already abstract business.

Oct. 19: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

It’s a good time to be a Java developer, as illustrated by VMware’s cloud-based development environment and Azul’s elastic Java runtime and management software. Also, it’s good to be CSC: Huge customers are signing up for cloud collaboration software, and CSC always seems to be involved.

With CSC’s Help, L.A. Goes Google

CSC, the company chartered by city of Los Angeles to deploy Google Apps using its trusted cloud service, says over 15,500 city employees have switched over to Google’s web-based offerings. Only four of city’s 40 departments, including the LAPD, have yet to make the switch.

What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Did you know that led by VMWare Cloud Computing stocks are flying high on stock market? Netezza is blowing the doors with its financial performance and Juniper is streamlining the content delivery business. And CSC is serious about enterprise-grade cloud services.

Computer Sciences’ New Cloud Strategy Focuses on Security

Computer Sciences Corp. (s csc), the IT service organization, today laid out its strategy for the cloud. Unsurprisingly, CSC’s cloud products will focus on being reliable and secure enough for enterprises and the federal government. CSC will continue providing its managed hosting business, but later this year will launch an infrastructure-as-a-service product that will provide secure cloud computing and storage that takes into account geographical location and differing regulatory environments. It will also build out a platform and offer software that will help companies connect other clouds to their secure CSC clouds or to the CSC platform. Pricing and further services built on top of CSC’s clouds and other clouds will be announced in the next few months.

Most interesting to me was that Brian Boruff, vice president of CSC’s Cloud Computing business, said the company was leaning toward building its cloud infrastructure with Cisco’s new unified computing system. Read More about Computer Sciences’ New Cloud Strategy Focuses on Security