Cisco: Social networks are the third leg of the smart grid

Despite Cisco ditching its home and building energy management products, the router giant is still focusing on the smart grid. Cisco’s CEO and SVP of Connected Energy on Tuesday discussed the importance of using social networks as a third leg of the smart grid.

Cisco to ditch building and home energy management

Cisco plans to move away from selling its building and home energy management products, the router giant announced via blog post on Wednesday afternoon. The move follows both Microsoft’s and Google’s decisions to shut down their energy management software products.

Backblaze vs. CrashPlan: Mac Backup Smackdown, Round 2

Online backup companies know that once you pay for the painstaking initial data dump, you’ll likely stay a customer long-term, because of convenience. But could unique features and attractive pricing convince you to switch? Today we turn to Backblaze and CrashPlan to find out.

Will Premium VOD Be A Premium Flop?

Movie studios are keen on creating a new window enabling viewers to watch recently released films without going to the movie theater. With a “premium” VOD service, studios hope to capture the at-home viewing audience while still maintaining the high cost of the big screen.

The Cisco, Juniper Rivalry Extends to the Smart Grid

The rivalry between networking gear giants Cisco and Juniper has extended across routers, wireless products, and security services for years. But now it’s extended into a seemingly unusual area: the smart grid. That link-up is an interesting move that could help them team up against Cisco.

Quick Tip: Eject a CD/DVD via the Menu Bar

If you want to eject a disc from your Mac, there are currently two ways of doing this in OS X that most users know of, but there’s actually a hidden app that you may not know about that resides in the menu bar.

Cisco Launches Smart Grid Assault, Home Energy Gadget

Just last week we noted how Cisco had one official smart grid product on the market, which was basically hardened networking gear for utility substations. Yeah, well scratch that. On Tuesday morning Cisco launched its all-out smart grid assault, including a home energy management product.