Does your Facebook mobile app suck? Here’s why

Is your Facebook mobile app slow to update or showing old data on Android or iOS? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve noticed a degradation in the mobile application’s performance for months but I never knew exactly why it was. Until now.

If web apps take off, Mozilla is prepared on mobiles

Could a smartphone run solely on web code instead of native software? Mozilla thinks so and recently demonstrated such a device on video, replacing the Google Android operating system on a Samsung Galaxy S II phone with its Boot 2 Gecko (B2G) technology.

Wheels of Steel lets wannabe DJs drive the decks

The success of Pandora’s public offering underscores the popularity of online music, and the thousands of ways you can listen to tracks online. But how many can claim to be as fun as new virtual turntable setup Wheels of Steel?

DRM FAIL: Five Broken Copy Protection Schemes

This week, we learned that the HDCP copy protection scheme is now essentially broken. HDCP’s failure is just one of many examples of copy protection technology not living up to its promises of security. Read on for five of the most glorious examples of DRM FAIL.

Enable CSS3 Support for CSSEdit

Chances are if you do any kind of front-end web development on a Mac you’ve heard about CSSEdit, a very popular tool for editing .css files in OS X. I use CSSEdit pretty much all day long at my day job and while I absolutely love it and have a hard time imagining doing my job without it, its lack of support for all the new CSS3 properties is becoming more and more problematic.

Unfortunately, the good folks at MacRabbit who make CSSEdit have had their hands full lately. They just shipped a new update to their all-in-one web development app Espresso and apparently haven’t been able to get around to updating CSSEdit with full support for CSS3 yet. Lucky for us though, @andyford is on the case and has come up with this great “hack” for customizing the AutoCompletion.plist file in CSSEdit to include CSS3 syntax. Read More about Enable CSS3 Support for CSSEdit

How-To: Create Custom CSS Email Signatures on the iPhone

iPhone Mail IconPreviously, I discussed how to create custom CSS email signatures for Mail in Mac OS X. This week, we’re going to look at what it takes to replicate the same signature on your iPhone.

What You Will Need

  • Your Mac
  • Your iPhone (it needs to be jailbroken)
  • PlistEdit Pro (or another application capable of editing plists)
  • Coda (or another application for editing HTML)

Read More about How-To: Create Custom CSS Email Signatures on the iPhone

Real Networks Throws Haymaker With “TiVo for DVDs”

For the last 10 years, Real Networks has resembled a past-his-prime boxer. Ever since the Internet world said “thanks, but no thanks” to the company’s streaming formats and yes first to Windows Media, then to Flash, the Seattle-based Internet media pioneer has been taking wild swings in hopes of connecting a knockout punch. While the company has periodically landed glancing blows — as with its lawsuit and legal settlement against Microsoft — most of the time, it swings and misses. That has been reflected in its large losses in 2008 and languishing stock price.

Real has recently thrown one last haymaker by opening up a potentially promising — and very risky — line of business.

Opera Still Cooking With CSS3 On the Way

While at SXSW, I had the opportunity to meet one of the web’s founding fathers, Håkon Wium Lie. He’s the creator of CSS and a CERN alum, along with Tim Berners-Lee. He’s also the CTO of Opera Software and sang the praises of this underdog browser that, while often ignored, introduced some of the snazziest features in the browser world today. Lie and I discussed CSS3 and the upcoming Opera 10, currently in alpha, that will continue Opera’s tradition of innovation.