Allrecipes: Smartphones, online video becoming vital kitchen tools

Home cooks are using digital tools to help them cook: smartphones, video streaming, cooking apps and social media sites, according to an poll. But our increased dependence on the internet for cooking advice is also destroying our faith in the recipe itself.

Can you learn to cook online? The Escoffier School thinks so

The Escoffier School for Culinary Arts has one hell of a namesake to live up to. Auguste Escoffier is the closest thing the cooking world has to a deity. The school’s owners believe they can impart the grand master’s wisdom via an intensive online course.

A better recipe for digital cuisine

Digital recipes and cookbooks need to emulate the world of digital music. By creating a standard recipe format similar to the MP3, we could overcome the artificial barriers between cooking Websites, apps and our bookshelves. Only then could we be build truly comprehensive digital cooking libraries.