Cumulogic launches Java PaaS technology for service providers

Startup Cumulogic releases its Java platform-as-a-service foundations on Wednesday. The company, with strong Sun Microsystems and Java DNA, hopes that major hosting companies, telcos, and other service providers will build their PaaSes atop its technology.

CumuLogic enters public beta for private PaaS

Cloud computing startup CumuLogic is making its Platform-as-a-Service software available for beta users that want to deploy it on their own infrastructure. Until now, CumuLogic’s Jave-only PaaS software had only been available for beta users running it atop the Amazon Web Services cloud.

CumuLogic Bringing Sun Cloud Roots to Java PaaS

The growing Java PaaS market will soon need to make room for CumuLogic, an startup led by a team of Sun Microsystems veterans. The Sun connection is notable because Sun was the Java owner and development leader before its acquisition by Oracle early last year.