Fetchnotes, a small and simple notes app, goes social

Fetchnotes is a Boston TechStars start-up that has developed a small and simple notes tool, and it has rolled out a new version of its iOS version with a newly integrated sharing capability. All that is necessary is to hit the @ button and the app auto-completes names in your iOS contacts.

2013-11-14 10.14.45

If the names contact has a Fetchnotes account, it shows up there, as a shared note with any tags, and the ‘- via @stoweboyd’ appended to the note. If the contact does not have an account, you can choose to send the message via email or SMS.

Note this is a simple example of ‘tooing’ a note — and any implied tasks in the note — since the sharing is done on a note-by-note basis (see ‘Tooing’ beats teaming because all work is personal).

2013-11-13 15.40.52

Above is an example where I attached an image, which is displayed in the message rendering.

The Bottom Line

I like the quick and easy approach of Fetchnotes sharing, and I am sure I will use it in a casual way with friends and family, as I have in the past with Simplenote and other tools.

I am a little less certain of its use as a task manager — just tagging a note as a #todo or #task is a bit minimal in that regard — but as a curation tool to save and share links, snippets of text, and images with others it has promise. Of course in that use case it needs to play well in my browser, so I can easily grab text, URLs, and text snippets via Chrome extension or bookmarklet. At present, the company’s Chrome extension doesn’t work that way, and the new functionality for sharing — auto-complete on names, etc — has not been rolled out for the web version, although that is in the works.

I will give Fetchnotes another look when the web version is updated, but I like what I see.