Can Bottlenose help prevent the social sharepocalypse?

Bottlenose, a new web-based service that launched Tuesday and was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Nova Spivack, joins a growing number of apps and services aimed at filtering the noise out of our social-media streams. But does Bottlenose have what it takes to do the job?

Like news, TV and games need their own app stores

With 500,000 apps for sale, standing out as a developer in Apple’s App Store is intimidating. Apple’s done some curation, but it could do much more by creating separate stores based on content themes, and perhaps creating new pricing models to go with it.

Is more real-time information a dream or a nightmare?

A presentation at the recent Society for News Design conference imagined a future in which real-time updates about a news event would be shown in heads-up displays on picture frames, windshields and even eyeglasses. But would this make our information-overload problem better or worse?

Everyone wants to be a news filter now

Facebook has launched a new “personal newspaper”-style news feed, while both Digg and Klout are using their internal ranking systems to try and create topic pages. But will any of these solve the growing problem of information overload, or will they just add to the noise? finally gets its wings — but can it fly?, the social news-curation app that was developed at the New York Times and then incubated by Betaworks, has been spun off as a separate company to sink or swim on its own. But can it compete with giants like Flipboard and other newer competitors?

The Browser: Intelligent curation is serious business

Henry Lane Fox, the chief executive of The Browser, doesn’t like the term “curation.” But he’s staking his reputation on precisely that, by building a high-end, human-powered engine for linking to the best and most intelligent writing online.

Like it or not, aggregation is part of the future of media

An incident involving an article that “over-aggregated” one from Advertising Age has proven to be another handy stick for some to beat The Huffington Post with. But it doesn’t change the fact that aggregation is still a crucial — and valuable — part of the future of media.

Use content curation to keep your team on the same page

Web content curation is nothing new. What is new, however, is that there are a growing number of tools that allow you to do your own curation for your own purposes. How can curation help keep your remote team on the same page?

Curation and creation: social media’s dynamic duo

In the desire to be perceived as thought leaders, many businesses are focusing on a curatorial approach to their social media presences. But if you work in a creative team, an approach to social media that leverages your creativity can deliver benefits far beyond brand-customer engagement.’s AI takes personalized search and curation to new levels is a new personalized search app that originally came out of a $200 million DARPA artificial intelligence project called CALO or Cognitive Assistant That Learns and Organizes. The app aims to take personalized search to new heights to become your “Pandora for content.”