Just Another Day in Second Life

Cybergrrl Oh, owner of Athena IsleI’m a serial entrepreneur in a virtual world. How did a nice girl like me end up being such a geek? Was it because I read science fiction as a young girl while all my friends were reading romance novels? Did it happen when I played Space Invaders on a neighbor’s Atari? Was it because I watched Star Trek every day after school? I have no real answer for why my brain is wired the way it is, but it’s no wonder I love Second Life.

Part of my online work has migrated over into the virtual world Second Life. Yes, I said work, and no, Second Life is not a game. I actually run several businesses in SL as we residents call it, as Cybergrrl Oh, entrepreneur, producer and host. Some of the businesses in the virtual world are adjuncts to what I do in my First Life, others are completely unrelated and probably things I could never do in “real life.” However, when you’re a freelancer, you take the revenues wherever you can get it!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what a day in the life of a serial Second Life entrepreneur looks like, here’s your chance.

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Intel software stretches WiFi signals 60 miles

Intel_rcp_x220With so many local hotspots and my 3G WWAN card, it’s become way too easy for me to take connectivity for granted. That’s why I was glad to see this morning’s interesting news about Intel. By using software to tweak how a WiFi connection works, they’ve demonstrated their RCP or Rural Connectivity Platform for up-and-coming developing nations.RCP basically uses standard router hardware, but Intel cut out the acknowledgement data that two of these WiFi nodes would normally use. Instead of wasting time and bandwidth to verify that data was received, which would resend the same data, the software solution sets ups specific times for each mode to transmit and receive. Since the $500 nodes only run on 5- to 6-Watts, Intel believes they run on solar power, which helps overcome another obstacle as well. Due to the solution and the distance involved, there’s a compromise on the throughput, but Intel says they can achieve up to 6.5 Mbps with the RCP. Although I’m not sure they’ll need more range for WiMax since they can get up to 50 km in a rural area, I wonder if we’ll see this type of solution extended to the upcoming wireless service.

Which DVR is best?

tivo logoFolks, finally I have decided to get a digital video recorder. However, despite all the information, I am having a tough time time deciding which one to buy. So my friends help me out and tell me which one is a good buy. I am looking for good value for money. It would be nice to get some user feedback. My wish-list includes spending as little as possible and also wifi support. And I would rather not pay any monthly fees to get the service!