Should we be as worried about CISPA as we were about SOPA?

Critics say that a bill called CISPA, which has been passed by the House of Representatives and is on its way to the Senate, is just as bad as SOPA — but others, including Facebook, support the legislation. Should you be concerned about it?

How to build a better electric grid

Efforts to modernize the U.S. grid in recent years have emerged as a hodgepodge of pilot projects, the installation of new technology and hefty financial backing from the U.S. government and private investors. How to plan for such a change is a daunting task.

The real costs of cybercrime

IT services company Unisys recently released its biannual Unisys Security Index. The latest study found that many have already been victims of cybercrime, but this infographic shows that companies charged with protecting consumer data might be the biggest losers when it gets exposed.

Solar + storage can defend the grid from attack

The emergence of the smart grid has raised concerns about cybersecurity among utilities; two-way digital networks are more vulnerable. But according to utility executives, distributed power generation technologies, such as solar, particularly combined with energy storage, could help minimize the impact of an attack.

10 ways to deal with cybersecurity in a smart grid world

The U.S. Department of Energy released a report Thursday that aims to help public and private sectors figure out ways to protect the grid against cybersecurity breaches. Here’s 10 ways to deal with cybersecurity in a smart grid world.

Hulu Changes Privacy Policy to Make Comments More Civil

If you leave a comment or review on Hulu, your full name as you entered it during the site’s registration process will now appear instead of your username.

Hulu, which updated the legalese on its privacy and terms of use pages a month ago, is warning new users of the policy, and will delete any comments you might have posted since the change took effect. So if you were snarking on a young Claire Danes in My So Called Life thinking you’d be anonymous, think again.
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Proposed Bill Would Help Protect Grid From Hackers

The nation’s ever growing push for a smarter electric grid means it will become increasingly similar to a computer network with two-way communication. While that has many benefits, it could also leave the grid more vulnerable to attack. That’s why two influential U.S. lawmakers, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., are preparing to introduce legislation called the “Critical Electric Infrastructure Act” that would require strengthening the country’s preparedness against would-be electric grid hackers.

In a statement, Thompson said that “any failure of our electric grid, whether intentional or unintentional, would have a significant and potentially devastating impact on our nation.” The bill would primarily bolster the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of electricity, gas and oil, and provide authority for the regulatory body to issue emergency rules or orders if a cyber threat were imminent. The proposed legislation would also require the agency to establish interim standards to protect against known cyber threats to critical electric infrastructure. And the bill would require the Department of Homeland Security to assess if federally-owned electric infrastructure has been compromised by outsiders.
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