Volvo, Ericsson and POC show off crash-avoidance cycling helmet

A trio of Swedish firms — car manufacturer Volvo, helmet maker POC and networking outfit Ericsson — have announced a collaboration around the avoidance of collisions between cars and cyclists.

At the Consumer Electronics Show next month, the companies will show off a system that determines when the helmet-wearing cyclist and a Volvo driver are likely to crash into one another. The driver will get a warning through the car’s heads-up display, and the cyclist will be alerted through a flashing light in the helmet.

Volvo POC cycle helmetThe POC helmet will need to connect to Volvo’s cloud through a location-tracking app such as Strava, while the car will need to be one of the newer Volvos that already use radar and cameras to detect cyclists and automatically brake when a collision is imminent.

It’s a nice idea, and one that should draw attention to Volvo’s noble ambition that “nobody should die or be seriously injured in a new Volvo by the year 2020.” However, POC’s gear is pricey and Volvo is just one car brand — realistically speaking, this tie-up is unlikely to be of use to many people for now.

Until this sort of connected travel tech becomes more ubiquitous, drivers and cyclists alike would be best advised to just keep an eye where they’re going.

Here’s a video to watch (while not on the move):


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