Glass Backing Next iPhone 4 Controversy?

In a provocative essay, Ryan Block at gdgt asserts Apple is aware that the glass backing of the iPhone 4 is “another design flaw.” The problem seems to be that the glass back is easily scratched in certain circumstances. Even if true, this is hardly “Antennagate.”

Sponsor post: Your Killer App Could Win $100,000 From PayPal

PayPal is giving away $160,000 USD in prizes to the most innovative apps to use the
PayPal X Platform, judging based on app innovation and business potential, with additional awards honoring innovation in use of the eBay Developer API, integration with Yahoo and cross-border
payment systems.

Comcast: Online Video Isn’t a Competitive Threat

The amount of online video that consumers watch is growing rapidly, but Comcast doesn’t see that growth as a competitive threat to its cable business, according to an FCC filing it submitted in response to critics of its proposed NBC Universal joint venture yesterday.

Create Freshbooks Invoices in Salesforce

Online invoicing service FreshBooks today announced a new integration with Salesforce, enabling Salesforce users to automatically bill through FreshBooks without leaving the Saleforce interface. The integration is made possible through the use of a third-party app, DataSynch OnDemand for FreshBooks & Salesforce by Pervasive Software.

Analyzing Apple’s Boilerplate

A boilerplate is a flexible term used to describe many different things, but Apple’s boilerplate is those lines of text that you see at the bottom of each of all its press releases, and it has remained largely unchanged for the past few years.

Zencoder Excited About Open Source VP8

Cloud encoding service provider Zencoder wants to support VP8 as soon as absolutely possible, and the company is excited about Google’s plans to open source the video codec at this week’s Google i/O developer conference in San Francisco. However, don’t count H.264 out just yet.