How China’s city-focused electric car programs fell short

China’s cities are macro-laboratories that the government has been using to test out various roll-out strategies from industrial partnerships, to fast charging stations to rental systems. So why have the early numbers fallen short?

Today in Green IT: Zipcar finally profitable

Our GigaOM Pro Green IT analyst Adam Lesser reports: Zipcar reported its third quarter after the bell yesterday and finds itself getting hammered this morning, down 5 percent. Sadly, the street is missing the story. Zipcar is finally profitable. Period.

LG joins forces with GM to design electric cars

The team approach is becoming popular in the electric car development space. General Motors and LG Group announced Thursday a plan to co-develop electric vehicles in order to speed up their deployment.

Don’t Forget: Tesla Is Moving Into A Difficult Financial Period

While it’s good news for Tesla that it will have $234 million to develop its third electric car the Model X, the funding underscores how Tesla will be transitioning into a period where the company will be generating a lot less revenue for several months.

Tesla Plans to Raise $234M in Second Share Sale

Electric car company Tesla plans to raise $234 million in a combination of a follow-on offering and a private placement. On Friday morning, Tesla priced the 5.3 million shares it plans to offer for its follow-on offering (announced last week) at $28.76 per share.