DAM – That’s Secure?

The holy grail of database protection may come in the form of DAM married to an agentless platform that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Fluxiom: Asset Management for Creative Teams

fluxlogoDistributed creative teams face the unique challenge of having to collaborate on a product without being able to quickly and easily access files and works in progress via an on-site file server or intranet system. Emailing files to one another can get messy very quickly, and if you’re not careful, you’ll have multiple versions of the same documents in no time.

Fluxiom is a web-based digital asset management system for creative teams that offers a nice, visually rich interface and the ability to scale depending on your needs. It has a number of useful features, and there’s a free version available, so I wanted to see if it could function as a tool for helping people collaborate on a wide variety of media including text, photo, audio and video. Read More about Fluxiom: Asset Management for Creative Teams