No Henry, you need to get real about Yahoo. Here are the facts

Yahoo’s stock has been on a tear and its chief executive has graced the cover of BusinessWeek and the pages of Vogue. Its product re-launches have gotten Bieberesque attention. Yahoo loyalists are celebrating. I think they are wrong; here is why.

Why is Dan Loeb selling his Yahoo stock? And why now?

Dan Loeb, the activist investor and CEO of Third Point, is selling a substantial part of his Yahoo stock, making a profit of $655 million and leaving the board along with his two appointees. The question is why, and more importantly, why now?

Yahoo’s newest road map could be drawn in disappearing ink

Listening to interim CEO Ross Levinsohn talk about a road map he may not be there to chart or navigate rang a little hollow at Thursday’s Yahoo annual meeting. Levinsohn may be the frontrunner but the board isn’t ready to sign off yet.

Will the Yahoo board stick with Levinsohn?

As Yahoo’s July 12th annual meeting approaches, it looks like the latest search for a CEO might be ending soon. Will the new board stick with interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, who has been unwinding the last re-org, or go outside?