Ag is the new cleantech: Kleiner Partner launching farmer network?

According to Dan Primack’s email newsletter Kleiner Perkins greentech-focused Partner Amol Deshpande appears to have launched a startup called the Farmer’s Business Network. Here’s the SEC filing for it, which shows it’s raised $4.6 million (or a $6 million round) and the company’s headquarters are in Kleiner’s offices in Menlo Park. Deshpande is listed as President and CEO.
Making agriculture more efficient through IT, as well as genetics, is a hot area for investment, while traditional “cleantech” has continued to decline. Deshpande lists on his bio that he’s worked on waste energy company Harvest Power, veggie protein startup Beyond Meat, and “a stealth agricultural company,” among others.

Report: Bloom Energy raises another $130M

The Valley’s fuel cell startup Bloom Energy has now raised over $1.1 billion, according to a report. While Bloom has gotten strong traction, particularly with data center operators, fuel cell manufacturing is difficult and capital intensive business.

SnapChat is getting funded. By Instagram backer Benchmark

SnapChat is a mobile photo service that is spreading like a wildfire. The photo sharing app is seeing about 1,000 photos a second being shared and that has attracted some big name VCs who want to fund it. Benchmark’s Matt Cohler seems to be the winner

Report: Advanced Equities to close up shop

Advanced Equities, a controversial investment group in Chicago, is closing up its broker-dealer operations, reports Fortune. The firm had raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cleantech startups in recent years, but recently settled charges with the SEC, hurting its reputation and costing it $1 million.

Yahoo CEO watch: Levinsohn alone on deck

Yahoo and Facebook announcing that they will avoid the patent version of the Hundred Years’ War should be enough to seal the deal for interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, credited with the change in strategy, to get the “i” word removed from his title. Will it be?

Kleiner Perkins’ Ray Lane to reduce role on future fund

Kleiner Perkin’s partner Ray Lane is not listed as a general partner on fund documents for prospective limited partners for Kleiner Perkin’s next early stage fund, though Lane will still be active at the firm, reports Fortune’s Dan Primack.