Top 10 Serialized Favorites From 2010

It was a great year for online video, thanks to the vast and varied quantities of serialized content available: shows, memes and experiences that went beyond the single-serving to engage audiences and change how we saw advertising, parenting, dancing and live-streaming.

President Obama Says “It Gets Better” To Gay Teens

Over the last month, over 2,000 videos have been contributed to Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project for LGBT teenagers, with countless more statements of compassion scattered across social networking sites. Last night, President Obama joined those speaking out on Youtube — but should he have?

Dan Savage Starts YouTube Campaign for Gay Teens

Every adolescent needs to hear the message that no matter how bad things might be, things improve after high school — but gay teenagers especially need that encouragement. That’s just what Dan Savage and the other contributors to the “It Gets Better” project are offering.