Oracle seeks social net analytics in Collective Intellect buy

If there were any doubts that the gulf between consumery social networking sites and the stodgier world of enterprise software is narrowing, Oracle’s plan to buy Collective Intellect should erase them. Collective Intellect’s social intelligence solutions monitor consumer conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

Oracle buys Vitrue to hone social marketing chops

Just when you thought Oracle might be done buying stuff, it buys something else. Today the database giant said it is purchasing Vitrue, a company that offers a SaaS service that lets companies better utilize social networking for their branding and marketing efforts.

Can VMware draw developers, developers, developers?

VMware’s set its sights on becoming a bona fide application development powerhouse. With the latest version of its Springsource-based vFabric Suite, VMware adds application deployment automation, vSphere-optimized Posgres and a SQLFire in-memory database layer — all are geared to woo web scale developers.