Mode raises $2M and opens ‘GitHub for data’ to the public

Mode is trying to do for data scientists and analysts what GitHub did for developers by giving them a place where they can find, collaborate and work on data. Formation8 led the new round, which also included Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian.

It looks like Tableau for Mac is coming soon

Tableau Software (s data) has been on fire over the past couple years, but a big knock against the company has been that its popular analytics software isn’t available for the Mac operating system. The company has been promising a native Mac edition for a while, and it appears it will finally deliver in a few weeks, if a June 19 event called “Tableau 8.2 Roadshow + Mac Launch Party” is any indication. I suspect a lot of Windows virtual machines will be firing up a lot less frequently and a goodly amount of new users signing up.

Tableau’s first quarter: 86 percent annual growth

Data analytics and visualization specialist Tableau Software announced its first-quarter financial results on Monday, touting $74.6 million in revenue and an 86 percent increase over the same period a year earlier. Tableau isn’t the biggest player in the business intelligence and data analysis world, but it’s probably the fastest growing one — especially among public companies. In 2013, Tableau’s revenues grew 82 percent to $232 million; an 82 percent increase for 2014 would put Tableau’s annual revenue at more than $422 million.

Catching pedophiles with text mining and game theory

A group of Spanish researchers have developed a chatbot that poses as a teenager in order to catch pedophiles online. It’s an interesting idea and mix of technologies, even if it’s not fully baked.

How Food Genius built the ultimate test kitchen out of menu data

If you’ve ever ordered a dish off a menu, chances are it’s in Food Genius’s servers. The startup has compiled a mammoth database of menus with the goal of tracking what America is eating. In January it begins selling that data to food companies.