NSA surveillance blowback could hit marketers

The revelation that the NSA piggybacks on commercial cookies to track individuals’ web habits could spread the economic fallout from the spying disclosures much more widely, by drawing attention to the very thin and fuzzy line separating commercial and government surveillance.

The cost of losing a customer’s trust

Preserving consumer trust gets a lot of lip service. But a new report from the World Economic Forum actually attempts to translate its value into dollars and cents.

Europe scrutinizes Facebook’s data collection — again?

Reports this weekend suggest that Facebook is about to face a new crackdown from European authorities over the way it collects data on users — but closer inspection suggests that it is just the latest episode in an ongoing struggle between EU officials and technology companies.

Data for doctors: Big data meets a big business

Forget the division between structured and unstructured data. For the benefits of the big data era to reach businesses bottom lines or to change behaviors, companies will have to figure out how to bring the results of Hadoop analytics to HR and middle managers.

Quick Tip: Opt Out of iAd Data Collection

It’s been a little over a week since Apple started rolling out iAd, its new advertisement feature for iOS 4. The first ads started to appear on July 1. However, for some, iAd brings up a privacy concern, so we show you how to opt out.