Opera’s Coast browser gets Turbo feature, discovery and more

The Norwegian browser firm Opera has released version 4 of its Coast browser for iOS, adding the data-compressing Turbo feature that’s already in its other browsers. The feature saves money on data use and makes for faster browsing.

Coast is a sort of experimental browser for Apple devices that eschews tabs and such things in favor of a more content-centric approach. To that end, the new version also includes [company]Opera[/company]’s Discover feature, which makes it easier to find new content from across the web without needing to use a search engine as such.

“We want to take our commitment to content a step further in the latest edition of Opera Coast,” product manager Huib Kleinhout said in a statement. “Browsers of the future need to treat the web like a candy store, and re-imagine the best way to help users find, access, enjoy and share their favorite content. There’s more to the web than the sites you visit every day and the first page of search results.”

Apart from Discover and Turbo, the new version also makes it easier to share links with social networks and email contacts using “styled images” — again, reminiscent of what Opera is doing with its other browsers — and makes it possible to use [company]Apple[/company]’s new Handoff feature to switch a continuous surfing session between devices.

The iPhone version also now supports landscape modes in its home and search screens, and allows users to open a link in Coast from the Safari browser.

Here’s a video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiC6e9jvdn0&w=420&h=315]

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