SolidFire gets $25 million to boost flash-fueled cloud storage

SolidFire, which wants to bring all-solid-state storage to cloud providers serving you, raised an additional $25 million in venture capital bringing its total to $37 million. New investors in this second round include Data Domain veterans as well as former Sun Microsystems CTO Greg Papadopolous.

Cheezburger Network Gets Real With Bag of Misfits

The Cheezburger Network, which never met a meme it wasn’t afraid to aggregate, has another experiment in store. Instead of captioning pictures of cats, though, the new channel tackles a genre left previously to hidden camera shows and MTV’s Jackass: reality comedy.

For NetApp, Is EMC’s New Bid a Check or Checkmate?

datadomain_logoIn the fight to own Data Domain (s ddup), EMC (s emc) hopes that raising its offer to $2.1 billion, or $33.50 per share, will tear the de-duplication company from the arms of storage rival NetApp (s ntap). Offering over $200 million more could persuade Data Domain’s shareholders, who were perhaps unswayed by EMC’s earlier proposal of an all-cash deal that matched NetApp’s $30 cash-and-stock offer, to support an EMC agreement instead of the board-approved NetApp acquisition offer. Both companies are after Data Domain’s de-duplication technology, which helps reduce the amount of data that needs to be stored by only backing up new information in storage. Read More about For NetApp, Is EMC’s New Bid a Check or Checkmate?

New on GigaOM Pro: A Look at the Data Domain Deal

With both NetApp and EMC eager to acquire Data Domain, the leading storage-efficiency company appears certain to be facing a future in the arms of a larger firm. Om in a post last week laid out some of the reasons why both companies are interested in acquiring Data Domain and its de-deduplication expertise, and suggested that the deal could be a bellwether event for the storage business.

The analysts at TechAlpha agree, and in a new research note for GigaOM Pro, they take a look at the strategic rationale behind the offers made by both EMC and NetApp, why Data Domain is open to an acquisition, why other potential buyers are unlikely to emerge, and dig into what the deal reveals about the state of the storage business today. They’ve also tapped their contacts to provide the customer perspective on what the Data Domain acquisition — and further consolidation in the industry — would mean for them.

Get the full research note here (subscription required).

Battle for Data Domain Getting Hostile, Nasty

tucciJoe Tucci, president and CEO of storage giant EMC, (s emc) today issued an open letter wooing the employees of Data Domain (s ddup), a company that has agreed to be purchased by EMC’s bitter rival NetApp (s ntap).

On May 20, NetApp offered $25 per share to acquire Data Domain in a cash and stock deal. Ten days later on June 1, EMC made its own all-cash offer of $30 per share for Data Domain. This led NetApp to raise its offer to $30 per share two days later. Despite NetApp offering a cash-and-stock deal instead of all cash, shareholders of the target chose to accept NetApp’s deal the next day. So today, Tucci sent his valentine to the employees as a way to sidestep the Data Domain board. When it comes to corporate finance, love letters to employees or shareholders are a sure sign that the deal has turned hostile. Read More about Battle for Data Domain Getting Hostile, Nasty

Why Both EMC & NetApp Want Data Domain

The $1.5 billion offer for de-duplication leader Data Domain from NetApp, which has its own de-duplication technology, was an indicator of just how far ahead of the game Data Domain is. And now rival EMC, sensing blood, is outbidding NetApp with its own cash offer. So what is it that makes Data Domain so hot?

With Data Domain, NetApp Gets Back in the Game

imagesBravo to NetApp for acquiring Data Domain. For too long, NetApp (s ntap) has been downright timid in the M&A department, all the while being run around in circles by rival EMC (s emc). But with this deal, the battle for storage leadership is heating up once again. Not only does it give NetApp access to a winning product line in a growth area of the storage market, but it signals the company might be taking a new approach to its acquisition strategy, one that could make them more competitive with EMC. Read More about With Data Domain, NetApp Gets Back in the Game

NetApp to Buy Data Domain for $1.5B

Storage vendor NetApp (s NTAP) said today it will buy Data Domain (s ddup), a de-duplication firm, in a cash-and-stock deal valued at $25 a share, or $1.5 billion net of Data Domain’s cash. The deal will give NetApp more tools to offer customers in their attempts to stay ahead of the ever increasing amount of data created and subsequently stored. De-duplication, a process where only new files are stored at each backup, is a way to hasten backups and reduce the amount of information transferred and then stored. The buy also augments NetApp’s product line that focuses on disk-based storage rather than tape backups.