Data wranglers, don’t fear. Trifacta is here

Making sense of big data can be hard enough without spending untold hours having to write code or manually clean datasets that simply won’t work with existing BI tools. Trifacta is trying to automate that process with a new software product it announced on Tuesday.

Trifacta raises $12M to help make dirty data clean

Data-munging specialist Trifacta has raised another $12 million for its mission to speed the process of going from raw data to usable data. As data volumes and types keep piling up, faster tools will mean a lot less wasted time.

Why Trifacta is teaching humans and data to work together

A new startup called Trifacta, founded by UC-Berkeley professor Joe Hellerstein and Stanford professor Jeffrey Heer, wants to eliminate much of the hassle of making messy data usable. The company combines machine learning and human-computer interaction, and has raised $4.3 million from Accel Partners.

NASA tries to free creativity with Big Data Challenge

NASA and a couple other government agencies have kicked off a series of TopCoder challenges designed to find innovative solutions to the government’s big data problems. The first contest is all about making disparate, incompatible data sets usable and actually valuable across agencies.