AT&T boosts mobile data caps but hikes prices as well

On Sunday, AT&T is reconfiguring its mobile data plans in a way that will anger many customers but may actually please others. It’s raising its smartphone and tablet data plan rates, while simultaneously offering customers a better deal on the data they do consume.

Good news, bad news: T-Mobile may consider overages

Leaked information is pointing towards T-Mobile moving away from its unlimited data plan offering for the smallest plan option. If the leak is correct, customers on T-Mobile’s 200 MB plan will pay $0.10 for each megabyte over the limit. Which is worse: overages or speed throttling?

T-Mobile focuses on value with new mobile plans

Starting on July 24, T-Mobile customers can take advantage of new plans saving more than $800 per year over service from rival carriers. Two phones on a Value plans with unlimited voice, messages and 2 GB of 4G data is as low as $99 per month.

Verizon unplugging unlimited plans July 7

Thirteen months after rival AT&T stopped offering unlimited smartphone data plans, Verizon Wireless is following. New customers on or after July 7 will choose between three tiers of monthly mobile broadband service. Are Verizon’s new data plans better than those from AT&T? That depends on you.

Analyst tells operators to quit whining

Mobile operators are freaking out about the growth of mobile devices, mobile video and their shrinking ARPU. But a respected research group with plenty of carrier clients issued a report this week that essentially tells carriers to stop whining. They can afford to invest.

It’s Time for Shared Data Plans in Households

Earlier this week, AT&T hinted at shared data plans, which could mean one of two things: one individual plan for multiple devices or a family plan to share data among a household on the same account. My family’s data usage illustrates the benefits of the latter.

Death to Unlimited: T-Mobile UK Cuts Data Cap by Half

T-Mobile UK told customers its ‘unlimited’ data plan now offers just 500 MB a month of data instead of a less limited 1 GB, so perhaps it is time for networks and ISPs to finally stop faking the concept of all-you-can-eat data with marketing lingo.

Infographic: The Ultimate Cell Phone Plan Picker

Need help choosing a cell phone plan? It used to be easy but now that smartphone adoption is rising, there’s a wider wider range of considerations including available software applications, handset platforms, and the cost of a data connection. This guide should get you started.