The problems with app-based billing for data

This week AT&T floated a plan to enable app developers to pay for the data that subscribers use in their apps. The model might resonate with some developers and subscribers, but it is likely to create more problems than it solves.

Good news, bad news: T-Mobile may consider overages

Leaked information is pointing towards T-Mobile moving away from its unlimited data plan offering for the smallest plan option. If the leak is correct, customers on T-Mobile’s 200 MB plan will pay $0.10 for each megabyte over the limit. Which is worse: overages or speed throttling?

Verizon Soft-Caps Make Sense, But Carry a Harsh Penalty

When Verizon announced Apple’s iPhone, the operator appeared confident that its data network was robust enough to handle the anticipated increase in network traffic. Here’s how: data optimization and bandwidth throttling after 5 GB of use, which can slow data speeds down for nearly two months.