Can spawn the data scientists of the future?

We live in a big data world, full of complex algorithms among any type of information one can imagine. Gaining the skills to work with it requires a lot work, however — and the first step in changing that might be realizing that data can be fun.

Even in the red, StockTouch makes stock market look good

In the iPad app StockTouch, the team at Visible Market has created a genuinely useful tool for understanding at a glance how the stock market is doing over any period of time from the mobile device that more and more workers are carrying around: the iPad.

The data visualization geek behind Facebook’s Timeline

Facebook’s new Timeline feature tries to make sense of the things you’ve been sharing to tell the story of your life. To do so, the company turned to someone who became famous for making infographics about the music he likes and the booze he drinks.

How Google Maps is changing the face of data

Already incredibly useful for helping us get directions, find the nearest grocery store and find out our state capitol, Google Maps is now becoming the hot way to display enterprise or organizational data that’s tagged with location data. The timing of this trend isn’t surprising.

Real-Status builds a bird’s eye view of a cloud

Behind the cloud are thousands of servers, switches, appliances both physical and virtual, and any number of complicating bits of machinery and software all just waiting to cause a problem. Understanding and monitoring that massive infrastructure is the world of LaunchPad finalist Real-Status.

Infographic: Mac Users Are Liberal, Vegetarian, City-Dwellers offers a great visual snapshot of Mac users and their PC counterparts over on the site’s blog today. As you can see for yourself below, at least a good portion of the results are pretty much in keeping with prevailing stereotypes.

Coping With the Loss of Hard Drive Space

Despite storage becoming so cheap, it is still a good practice to keep tabs on your hard drive’s capacity. I’ll help you to arm yourself with the tools to figure out where that space is going, and how to maintain and protect it in the future.

Obama Appoints Infographics Guru Tufte to Explain Stimulus Funds

Geeks and design lovers are aflutter on Twitter this morning with the news that President Obama has appointed infographic guru Edward Tufte to the U.S. Recovery Independent Advisory Panel. Tufte explains he’ll advise the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board on tracking and explaining stimulus funds.