Autonomics are the future of IT

IT has entered a state of bloated chaos. In a recent study, 78 percent of IT executives said their management system had become so unwieldy, they couldn’t pinpoint where the transactions slowed down. According to IPsoft’s Chetan Dube, autonomics are the solution.

Bento 3: Database Management for Mac, Made Better

bento_iconFilemaker’s Bento software for the Mac (s aapl) is meant to be a database management program for users who aren’t much interested in keeping databases. At least, as someone who shudders at the very term, that’s how I see it. The program receives its third major iterative upgrade today, and there’s a lot for web workers to get excited about with this latest version.

I haven’t used Bento since it was first released, so a lot is new to me. For the purposes of this review, I won’t be detailing what’s changed so much as what strikes me as most useful about the program from a web working angle, since I imagine many of you will be new to the software as well. Read More about Bento 3: Database Management for Mac, Made Better