As the firehose matures, Twitter tightens grip on valuable asset

PeopleBrowsr, a company that provides marketing analytics based on the full stream of data from Twitter called the firehose, is suing Twitter for access to that stream. While Twitter is closing down who has access to the firehose, it shows where the company is headed.

How to handle a firehose: An interview with DataSift’s CTO

DataSift raised another $15 million in venture capital, bringing its total investment to nearly $30 million. In this video from Structure: Europe, DataSift Founder and CTO Nick Halstead describes how the company handles the firehose of social media data it receives.

Even tiny tweets can be big data

Datasift, the UK company that has access to the Twitter firehose analyzes petabytes of tweets and ships terabytes of insights around the world. And the infrastructure needs to keep up. That and dark social were topics of interest today at Structure:Europe.

7 reasons why Europe really matters to cloud computing

It’s not home to Google, Amazon or Facebook, but from plucky entrepreneurs to the world’s most-advanced computing systems, Europe has a lot more to offer the world of cloud computing and web infrastructure than might meet the eye. Here are seven reasons why it matters.

Marketing is dead, long live marketing

In the era of cloud computing and big data, chief marketing officers can either sink or swim depending on their ability to recognize the importance of the consumer information available to them and are able to capture and put it to use.