Should Twitter charge users, or pay them — or both?

As Twitter pushes for more control over the platform in order to monetize the content flowing through it, some prominent critics of this move argue the company is making a big mistake by focusing on the needs of advertisers rather than the needs of users.

We could build an open Twitter, but would anyone use it?

As Twitter clamps down on what third-party developers can do with the network, some have proposed creating an open-source alternative — but would enough users switch to a new network? Others who have tried such a move have largely failed to gain much traction.

Social apps & doing the right thing

For the past week or so, the Internet has been abuzz with news of mobile apps uploading iPhone address books without asking us. The controversy highlights the fact that social and web apps need to have the moral imperative to do the right thing.

Apps vs. the web: Are they enemies or allies?

Forrester CEO George Colony reignited a minor firestorm recently by saying “the web is dead” and the app ecosystem is replacing it. Others, however, argue that the open web has benefits that apps do not have, and that losing these features would have serious consequences.

My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too

It was ten years ago I started blogging in earnest. In the years since, what started as a e-blotter turned into a startup. What was a one-man operation is now a collective effort of many talented people. Here are some reflections, lessons learned and stats too.

Is journalism as we know it becoming obsolete?

Dave Winer says journalism as we know it is “obsolete” because everyone can do it. Is he right? Yes and no. One thing is for sure: journalism is being transformed by the web and by real-time publishing. Whether that’s good or bad depends on your viewpoint.

What you should read (& watch) this weekend

There are so many words on the Internet, but very few are worth reading on a Sunday morning, when you could be out for brunch with friends or simply lazing around in bed. However, here are a few pieces I can recommend this weekend.

Sure, RSS Is Dead — Just Like the Web Is Dead

A brush fire has been swirling through the blogosphere of late over whether RSS is dead or possibly dying. But is it actually doomed, or even ailing? Not really. Like plenty of other technologies, it is just becoming part of the plumbing of the real-time web.