Crowdfunding helps non-starters and re-livers ride again

New products aren’t the only ones to benefit from the amazing fan-funding power of crowdfunding web services. Failed and long-gone creators are also using them to show that, online, a project proposal is never over until it’s over.

Britain’s $25 computer is coming by Christmas

Raspberry Pi, the British outfit trying to build and sell low cost computers to help teach children how to code, has garnered plenty of attention in the past few months. Now director David Braben says the first devices will be on the market in weeks.

BBC mulls new effort to kickstart computer education

The BBC played a huge part in the British computer boom of the 1980s by supporting local manufacturer Acorn. Now, with the U.K.’s computer education under criticism, it is considering whether to take on a similar role in the 21st century.

Meet the $25 Computer — But Is Low-Cost Computing Enough?

British researchers have built a cheap, fully-functioning computer the size of a USB stick. But while efforts to bring low-cost computing to the masses are laudable, do they misunderstand the reality of the way the world uses computers in the 21st century?