With the help of $2.5M, SpotHero aims to fill parking lots

A graduate of Excelerate Labs in Chicago, SpotHero wants to act as a parking spot broker for the big lots as well as offer consumers the cheapest parking rates through its mobile apps. The company’s $2.5 million round was led by Battery Ventures.

Comcast capitulates on data cap, but dodges net neutrality

Comcast plans to raise its broadband cap to 300 GB per month as it trials two new types of caps. The move is welcome one, but it neglects to address some of the net neutrality complaints that have arisen in the last few weeks about Comcast.

Two burning questions about the Verizon-Cable deal

A Senate subcommittee pressed Verizon and Comcast on two big questions Wednesday: Are they colluding to drive up broadband prices? And does Verizon really need the spectrum it’s buying from the cable operators, or is it just placing it out of competitors’ grasp?

Verizon, Comcast prepare for Senate showdown

Wednesday’s Senate hearing on Verizon’s spectrum deal with the cable operators certainly isn’t going to be a love fest. Verizon and Comcast will square off not only against its toughest critics – The Free Press and the RCA – but the unions as well.

Q&A: TechStars Founder David Cohen

Of 39 startups who have participated in TechStars through this spring, six have been acquired, five have failed, and 28 are still active. If nothing else, you have to love that level of transparency. In an interview, founder David Cohen shared more.

Tough Times Call for New Entrepreneurship Efforts

Conventional wisdom says now is a great time to start a business, but the economic reality makes such a prospect a daunting one. Funding — be it in the form of credit-card debt, personal loans or venture capital — is scarce, and leaving any sort of steady job, especially one with benefits, is risky. But that won’t stop a true entrepreneur from going out there and creating something, which is why Alexander Muse of the Texas Startup Blog and David Cohen, a founder of TechStars, have launched SpringStage.

SpringStage is a program aimed at getting entrepreneurs connected through local blogs, happy hours, bar camps and other efforts designed to mimic the atmosphere for startups found in Silicon Valley. Read More about Tough Times Call for New Entrepreneurship Efforts