The real point of risk in the electric car charger build out

Will electric car charging stations be the case of ‘if you build it, he will come?’ The folks at NRG Energy, and its electric vehicle charging network project eVgo, certainly hope so — particularly when it comes to the fast DC chargers that it’s installing in Dallas.

NRG Energy CEO: We Failed to ‘Fail Quickly & Cheaply’

After five years and a $330 million investment, NRG Energy announced early last week that it will no longer fund its nuclear expansion project in Texas. Crane said at Green:Net event on Thursday that failing quickly and cheaply “is something that we have failed to do.”

NRG Energy Kicks Off Electric Car Charging Network

NRG Energy is kicking off what it calls the first, privately funded, plug-in electric vehicle charging network in the U.S. in the country’s oil state: Texas. On Friday morning, NRG Energy officially started up the first charger in the network at a Walgreens.

NRG Energy CEO on the Uncertain Future of Its Nuclear Project

Power company NRG Energy is bracing itself for the possible situation that Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) could pull out of an investment in NRG’s planned expansion of its South Texas nuclear plant, in the wake of TEPCO’s nuclear disaster in Japan.

The Future of Clean Energy Rests on Consumers and Electric Vehicles

The future of the green technology industry rests on consumers, and a big part of that will be how consumers embrace electric vehicles, said David Crane, CEO of power company NRG Energy at the Jefferies Global Clean Technology Conference in New York City on Wednesday.