Amazon’s Fire Phone is now cheap: $199 without a contract

The fire sale of the Fire Phone, Amazon’s first smartphone, continues. On Tuesday night Amazon quietly cut the price again, this time bringing the entry-level 32GB model down to $199. That’s for an unlocked phone without a contract.

You can expect the next Amazon Fire Phone to be less expensive

Amazon’s first phone hasn’t exactly been a runaway success — and Amazon’s blaming its pricing. In an interview with Fortune, Amazon SVP of devices David Limp said that Amazon “didn’t get the price right.” When the Fire Phone debuted, it cost essentially the same as an iPhone: $200 on a 2-year AT&T contract, odd for a company which thrives on undercutting its competition. Later, Amazon dropped the price by $200 across the board. Limp hinted that there will be future Fire Phones, and Amazon is going to “keep iterating software features to get it better and better,” most likely at a lower price next time, just like it did with its Kindle products.