Repeat a horrible lie on Twitter, pay $25,000: is that fair?

People retweet lies and errors on Twitter all the time. Are there special cases where they should be punished for doing so? That’s what happened in the UK, raising questions again about how to regulate speech on not just Twitter, but other sites where you can slander with a single click.

These are the 4 most important tech issues for lawmakers to solve

When U.S. lawmakers and policy experts get tired of fighting ideological battles over the past, they might want to put a little effort into helping improve the country’s future. Here are four technology issues that could help improve the economy and outline Americans’ digital rights.

Is Twitter a publisher or a distributor? There’s a crucial difference

Twitter’s decision to suspend the account of a British journalist raises a host of questions about the company’s behavior, but one of the important ones is to what extent Twitter’s filtering and curation features could make it legally liable for the content flowing through the network.