D.me: Is this the new Delicious?

AVOS, the company that now owns Delicious, is working on a mysterious site that takes data from Delicious to serve up news, videos and products.

Greplin reinvents itself as Cue, organizes your Internet life

Greplin is getting a facelift and a new name, Cue, a moniker reflecting its new shift away from personal data search toward personal data organization. Rather than merely searching your linked accounts, Cue is now proactively organizing that data into an intelligent snapshot of your day.

When is the social curation bubble going to burst?

French startup Pearltrees just scored another $6 million to help scale up its social curation service that helps people save, sort and share what they find on the web. But with dozens of services in play, is this a bubble waiting to pop?

Can Italy’s Circleme outflank recommendation rivals?

Recommendations have become the holy grail of the social web, sparking competition between small services like Pinterest to Amen and large ones like Facebook and Google+. So how can Italian website Circleme elbow in on the action?

Two weeks in, is the new Delicious fixed?

The relaunch of Delicious was meant to be a phoenix-like resurrection — but instead was welcomed by a chorus of complaints about missing or broken features. After two weeks of scrambling to appease angry users, the company is making some progress… but is it enough?

Oh, Delicious — where did it all go so wrong?

When the social bookmarking service Delicious relaunched, people were concerned that it looked different. But now a litany of serious complaints is emerging: broken services, missing pages, deleted accounts. Were these mistakes deliberate — or just the result of bad planning?

Can Web 2.0 stars get a second chance at success?

Some of Web 2.0’s brightest talents are returning with new projects, from revitalized bookmarking sites to fresh online games. But the challenges they face today are different than back in 2005, because the internet is radically changed — not least because of Facebook. Can they succeed?

Delicious hopes new taste will prove a hit

Sold by Yahoo to the founders of YouTube, social bookmarking service Delicious is one of the great survivors of Web 2.0. But can a revamp convince new users to bookmark the web — and keep the old ones happy at the same time?

Share and Share Alike: BBC iPlayer Gets More Social

The BBC is adding new ways for iPlayer viewers to share what they’re watching with their friends and social networks, with a new share button. In addition to standard networks like Facebook and Twitter, iPlayer users can now send videos to Delicious, Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

With Tap11 Buy AVOS Is Playing a Big Game With Big Data

AVOS, the new startup run by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, could be targeting the consumer and brand research market with its acquisition of Tap11. Such a move would pit the startup against tech industry stalwarts like Google and Salesforce.