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How will Tuesday’s election results affect the country’s green technology hopes? With Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives, observers say chances are likely gone for any kind of broad-ranging climate and carbon legislation in President Obama’s first term. Pared-down energy goals, such as a utility-only carbon cap-and-trade regime or establishing a national renewable energy standard, are also going to face opposition in a Republican-controlled House. Even GOP energy favorites such as subsidies for nuclear power may have trouble amidst a Tea Party-driven, cost-slashing approach in the newly elected Congress, certain observers noted. Still, there were some green-pleasing statewide election results, such as California voters’ rejection of a ballot measure to overturn the state’s greenhouse gas law and wins by Democratic governors in California and Massachusetts.

Where to Watch the Dem. Convention Online

UPDATE: This story was updated with new links and live video embeds. Check out The Ultimate Video Guide to the Democratic Convention.

It’s hard to believe this marathon of a presidential election is just getting warmed up. Blue folk will descend on Denver over the weekend as the Democratic National Convention kicks off on Monday. Not a delegate? No worries, you can catch all the action like never before thanks to the wonderful world of web video.

The Democrats themselves will be streaming the whole shebang in HD-quality at (along with a Spanish language simulcast). [digg=]

Ustream will be streaming live coverage from “The Big Tent” at the convention. The Big Tent will be a gathering place for new media journalists and bloggers, as well as home to the Digg stage, which will feature speakers such as T. Boone Pickens, John Conyers and DailyKos’ Markos Moulitsas. Until showtime, you can watch The Big Tent being built (thrilling!).

Normally stodgy C-Span is jumping into the online video game with both feet as it unveils a new video site that will incorporate citizen journalists’ YouTube videos and Qik livestreams along with its normal coverage.

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Blonde Revenge: John McCain vs. Paris Hilton (via Adam McKay)

I’m stunned to be asking myself this question, but here goes: “Do I have to like Paris Hilton now?” The “celebutard” is an easy punching bag, but she has, on occasion, exhibited a certain degree of self-awareness — and in this Funny or Die exclusive, she’s definitely aware that there’s an election in full swing:

Riffing off Sen. John McCain’s not very accurate comparison between Barack Obama and celebrities such as herself, Hilton sounds off on McCain’s age and energy plans, and is actually very funny. Of course, Hilton isn’t the creative force behind this video — it’s a collaboration between Landlord creator Adam McKay and Chris Henchy, and is directed by Jake Szymanski. David Sarno of the LA Times spoke with McKay, who said he latched onto the idea of Hilton creating a response ad and was able to get her on board the project within hours. “McCain made one huge mistake: He drifted into the world of pop culture. And that’s Paris’ world,” McKay said. Read More about Blonde Revenge: John McCain vs. Paris Hilton (via Adam McKay)

Weekend Vid Picks: McCain and Obama’s Back and Forth

It’s honestly a little scary to imagine what online video is going to be like in, say, October, given that it’s the first day of August, and the election is pretty much one of the only topics of discussion on the table. They haven’t even picked vice presidents yet, people! Can’t we simmer down just a little?

This week at least, the answer is no. Congressman McCain got mean on Wednesday with Celeb, an ad which compares Senator Obama’s celebrity status to that of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Low blow, sir, and not terribly accurate. If only because Obama has never forgotten to wear underwear at a Vegas nightclub.

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Karina’s Capsule: Braxton Price

Show me a circa-2008 satiric political web video, and I’ll show you well-meaning liberal media makers who, more likely than not, haven’t had much contact with real people (as in, not TV talking heads or vitriolic blog commenters) who represent the opposite side of the political spectrum and almost certainly have never seriously considered even a moderate Republican point of view as potentially legitimate.

This is something I think we all know about the current new media landscape, and so when confronting new works of political media art, much of the work of analysis is automatic. It’s a video about Obama? It’s probably an unquestioning celebration of style over substance. It’s a video about McCain? It’s probably kitsch-wrapped critique.

But there’s something that seems just a little bit more complex about Braxton Price: The Price of Freedom. Produced by and described as a “partly scripted/mostly improvised single-camera political comedy show,” Braxton stars creator Aaron Nauta as a young robo-Republican hired by the fictional National Federation of Young Republicans to host a web show-within-the show “that makes conservative ideals cool again — and also debunks loony liberal logic.”

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