Sun co-founder launches new startup — on Twitter

WayIn is a new startup being developed by Sun Microsystems’ co-founder Scott McNealy. But so far, the tech industry veteran is going about WayIn’s launch in a slightly unexpected way: entirely over Twitter. On Wednesday, McNealy took to Twitter to answer questions about his new company.

NIMF Backs ESA on iPhone Game Ratings; ESRB Says Bring It on

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Support is growing for some kind of ratings system for the games found in Apple’s (s aapl) App Store for its iPhone and iPod touch platform. Adding its voice to those already calling for ratings implementation, including the ESA and the ESRB, is the National Institute on Media and the Family (NIMF), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to “watch[ing] what our kids watch,” or basically conducting research on the effects (both positive and negative) of media on children.

Unlike the ESRB, which, as at least one commenter pointed out in a previous post, may have a vested interest in pushing Apple to adopt its ratings system, NIMF simply wants some kind of ratings system in place to protect children, but not necessarily an ESRB-controlled solution. Read More about NIMF Backs ESA on iPhone Game Ratings; ESRB Says Bring It on

China Blocks All of YouTube

China implemented a site-wide block of YouTube today, for reasons still unknown. The country has blocked portions of YouTube before as part of its censorship programs, but blocking the entire site is something new.
Wired’s Epicenter blog lists some recent events that could have triggered China’s censorship officials’ massive blockade, including footage of Chinese soldiers beating Tibetans, or videos released by the U.S. Navy of Chinese ships attempting to interfere with a sonar array cable being dragged behind the USNS Impeccable.
Regardless, Chinese citizens currently can’t watch videos on YouTube, and while parent company Google (s GOOG) is working to restore access, it doesn’t know what its next steps will be.
The Chinese government exerts strict control over content and has denied the required licenses to different Chinese video-sharing sites in the past. During a recent visit to our offices, Youku CEO Victor Koo said that officials in charge of censoring content had been more permissive as of late.
Last year, all of YouTube went down after technical error occurred when Pakistan attempted to block access to a particular video clip to the site.

Software for Solar: Fat Spaniel to Monitor Denver Solar System

Solar is a tricky source of energy — anything from shade to tilt to dirt can affect the amount of electricity produced by the panels. That’s why large solar installations are getting hooked up with monitoring systems to oversee and optimize the output. Tomorrow, at the opening ceremonies for the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, solar monitoring startup FatSpanielwhich recently sold some of its assets to Spanish solar power developer Fotowatio for $19.7 million, owns and operates the system. Visitors can also see the panel’s output at a kiosk running Fat Spaniel’s software, too. In case you’re not going to Denver anytime soon, this is what the monitoring system will look like:


Web-based Tools Can Help Cut Vehicle Emissions by 10%

driving-change-logoNearly a year ago, 400 Denver residents and city employees had their vehicles rigged with greenhouse gas-tracking systems in order to find out whether online feedback regarding how idling, sudden braking and rapid acceleration increase carbon dioxide emissions and fuel costs would change driving habits. Today, the preliminary results are in: Participating drivers have cut idling by more than 35 percent and reduced emissions by 10 percent.

Slated to conclude in March, the pilot program got funding from the Denver subsidiary of EnCana Corp. (s ECA). The Canadian oil and gas company said last year that it would spend about $400,000 on the “Driving Change” program, and it turned to California-based Enviance Inc. for measuring emissions. Communication equipment — an accelerometer and a modem for communicating data to drivers’ online dashboards — came from Denver’s Cartasite Inc., which makes GPS systems for the oil and gas industry.
Read More about Web-based Tools Can Help Cut Vehicle Emissions by 10%

VentureWire Technology Showcase

The VentureWire Technology Showcase will spotlight more than 125 early- and later-stage start-ups from the U.S., Asia and Europe, all vetted by VentureWire readers, Dow Jones editors and the folks at the Euro Tech Showcase and the Institute for Industry Information, as industry stand-outs in Advertising, Business Technologies, Media, Mobile Applications, Networking, Web and Wireless. Selected for their breakthrough technologies, the presenting start-ups are truly positioned to redefine their markets. Scout these prime deal prospects, acquisition targets or business partners as well as potential competitors at the VentureWire Technology Showcase in Redwood City, Calif., Nov. 18-19. GigaOM readers can register online with code VWTSMP to receive a 15 percent discount on registration fees!