British women to buy more tech goodies than men

UK retailer John Lewis is reporting that they expect women to buy more electronic goods than men this holiday season. 

Helen Keppel Compton at the company told The Sunday Times that a “tippingpoint” had been reached this winter and women would be responsible forbetween 50% and 60% of all purchases in its electrical departments duringthe festive season.

She said most of the women were buying gadgets such as digital radios, iPodsand digital photo frames. “The appeal of technology to women iscross-generational, from young women who have grown up with technology, towomen who have been exposed to technology at work and older, motivatedself-learners who are all embracing new products which help them capturememories, stay organised and keep in touch,” she said.

This is cool but I wonder what research they are using to make this claim.  I wonder what the percentage of electronic gadgets are being snapped up by women in the US?

(via Sunday Times)

Vid-Biz: MeeVee, Funding, Battlestar

MeeVee Partners with TiVo; users of the popular DVR can record a show from anywhere by selecting an episode from the MeeVee guide. (emailed announcement)
Youku and Tinselvision Get Funding; Chinese vid-sharing site Youku raises $25 million in its third round while Tinselvision, an online VOD service for South Asian communities, raises $3 million in its second round. (Youku: PE Hub; Tinselvision: paidContent)
The Relationship Between TV and DVD is Changing; Battlestar Galactica: Razor being released on DVD just days after premiering on TV. (The New York Times)
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Tech-NO-rati problems

Kottke says Technorati is getting some deserved bad press. I think it more of a case of how to lose friends, customers and crediblity.

My frustration goes beyond the perennial downtime issues their many users are familiar with. I’m a paying user of Technorati. At least, I’ve paid Technorati. I never have received the Daily Watchlist emails I paid to receive, half a year ago now. The amount involved is trivial – $5 – but the principle of the thing is what’s getting to me. Attention to detail is critical, and if Technorati’s response is indicative of their stance, the way they see and are willing to treat their audience, then I’m sorry.

Update – David Sifry writes: We’re working really hard on fixing the issues. Thanks a lot for your ciriticism and feedback, and please do keep coming back over the coming weeks. I hope that we can win back your confidence. I like this guy – he tries so hard, and one has to respect that!