Funambol gets $5.75M to fuel mobile carriers’ cloud services

Funambol’s first round of funding in four years comes just as mobile operators are mounting a challenge against the cloud storage services offered by Google, Microsoft and Apple. Funambol provides a white-label cross-platform service, which several of the big carriers have already tapped.

The weekend review: the Carrier IQ fallout

This week’s most popular article focused on one of the month’s biggest new items (covered by our colleagues at GigaOM): Carrier IQ and the continued erosion of operator trust, Stacey Higginbotham’s latest research note, provides some big-picture perspective on the still-developing scandal, pulling away from the daily news scrum to explore how Carrier IQ’s actions may affect consumers, device makers and mobile operators. Since the story broke on November 30, it’s become clear that Carrier IQ (and its subsequent response to the scandal) will have major implications across the industry, and on regulators and future legislation.

Moving away from the news front, Paul Miller’s brief update, Why the big data startup boom will likely be short-lived provides a quick overview of some of the year’s biggest players in the cloud space, including a round-up of the year’s acquisitions. And lastly, the anthology produced for our recent Net:Work 2011 conference, Defining work in the digital age: an analysis by GigaOM Pro, includes perspectives and forecasts on the future of work and the workplace from five of our NewNet analysts.

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