YouTube channel launches on all recent Roku boxes

Good news for Roku users: The YouTube (S GOOG) channel, which first launched on the Roku 3 in December, is now available on all “current-generation devices,” according to a post on the Roku blog, which also lists an exact list of all models that can now access YouTube. All of these devices also support DIAL, which makes it possible to send YouTube videos from your mobile device to your Roku, Chromecast-style.

TV goes mobile

The existing TV ecosystem rests on two revenue pillars: advertising and distribution (i.e. carriage and retransmission) fees. Cracking the incumbents hold on the system will requiring disrupting or undermining one or both of those revenue streams.

Air power in the living room

There are three leading technology contenders for air supremacy in the living room: Apple’s AirPlay, Microsoft’s SmartGlass, and DIAL.