Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: “Twitter is a city company”

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo talked with advocates for the city of San Francisco Thursday, talking about how Twitter’s move into office space in the city has helped the company keep options for growing larger and allowed employees to be flexible.

Jack Dorsey and Twitter: Can you have a part-time product visionary?

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was brought back into the company last year to be its chief product visionary, but his role appears to have been dramatically reduced. So who is Twitter’s product visionary now, and what does that mean for the future of the service?

Twitter CEO wish list — curation tools, tweet downloads, Tom Brady?

At ONA, Dick Costolo promised free curation tools to help newsrooms better present the flavor of news events. That’s all well and good, but can these tools–and the ability to download your own tweets — resolve growing tensions between Twitter users and Twitter itself?

Twitter gets splashy new look, iPad design

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo announced a major redesign to the site that puts media and photographs front and center. The company also launched a new iPad design.

“Twitter killed my business.” An inside look at the ecosystem crackdown

One developer who has been creating custom Twitter applications for corporate clients says the network’s crackdown on use of its API makes him afraid for his livelihood, but could also damage the company’s long-term prospects if enough people like him start looking for alternatives.

Twitter at the crossroads — growing up is hard to do

Twitter is in the midst of a strategic transformation, from being an open information network or real-time data utility to being an ad-driven media entity, and that evolution raises a host of questions about the future of the service and its impact on users.

Twitter updates search function in line with in-app expansion

Twitter announced today that it’s enhancing the service’s search function to allow for greater discovery of new content and information on the part of users, providing them with auto-suggestions in the search bar that correlate with who users follow.

Twitter tries to make content discovery more personal

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said there’s still a gap that needs to be bridged between user awareness and user engagement on the platform. Twitter is working to address that gap with a new Discover Tab that will provide even more personalized content for users.