D.me: Is this the new Delicious?

AVOS, the company that now owns Delicious, is working on a mysterious site that takes data from Delicious to serve up news, videos and products.

Reddit raising venture financing? It would be crazy not to

Reddit, the online community that gained fame last year for a Q&A with President Obama, is said to be raising venture funding that could value the company at $400 million — and would give it ammunition to compete with other new-media players such as BuzzFeed and Tumblr.

So the new Digg has relaunched — now comes the hard part

Digg, the social-news community that New York-based incubator Betaworks acquired part of last month, has been relaunched with a new look and new plumbing, but it doesn’t have anything like the kind of community Digg had — something that is hugely valuable and difficult to build.

Careful, Twitter — remember what happened to MySpace and Digg

Twitter has made it clear it plans to crack down on third-party services by tightening the rules on use of the network, but this desire for control — and the drive to monetize its user base — could ruin what made Twitter special to begin with.