Google Enterprise chief Girouard heads to startup

David Girouard, who led Google’s push into enterprise applications, is leaving the company for a startup called An eight-year veteran with the search giant, Girouard led Google’s push to take on Microsoft in desktop applications and email. Girouard posted the news to Google+ Friday.

Everyone wants to be a news filter now

Facebook has launched a new “personal newspaper”-style news feed, while both Digg and Klout are using their internal ranking systems to try and create topic pages. But will any of these solve the growing problem of information overload, or will they just add to the noise?

Slashdot and CmdrTaco — the end of another geek era

The technology world may be obsessed with the departure of Apple CEO Steve Jobs this week, but another geek icon has also stepped down: Rob Malda, creator of the pioneering online community Slashdot, which was the place to talk about tech before it became mainstream.

What Reddit says about the expanding idea of journalism

Can we find clues about the future of news and journalism in the way a link-sharing site like Reddit operates? We just might be able to — and it’s a good reminder that the replacement for mainstream news media may look very different from what we expect.

Digg launches Newswire, but will anyone care?

Digg has launched a new feature called Newswire that it hopes can make it a player again in the field of social news-sharing services — but after a disastrous redesign and the departure of its founder, can copycat features bring back any of Digg’s faded glory?

Share and Share Alike: BBC iPlayer Gets More Social

The BBC is adding new ways for iPlayer viewers to share what they’re watching with their friends and social networks, with a new share button. In addition to standard networks like Facebook and Twitter, iPlayer users can now send videos to Delicious, Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

Google’s Answer to Facebook Likes: +1

Google is launching a new  +1 feature that allows folks who are users of Google services such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Reader and Google Profiles to rank the search results. Think of it as Google’s retweet gesture or the equivalent of liking something on Facebook.

Mike Maples Says Twitter Is a Thunder Lizard

Venture investor Mike Maples, who launched the Floodgate Partners fund last year and is an investor in Twitter, defends the company’s market valuation, saying it has a chance to become a fundamental and important company in the tech industry, or what he calls a “thunder lizard.”

Happy Birthday, Twitter! What You Can Learn From Digg

As Twitter turns five, the service continues to struggle with some mid-life problems, including a growing tension with both its user and developer communities. For lessons in how not to handle that kind of thing, all Twitter has to do is look at Digg.