If you want to make a well-designed product, give it some love

At the center of any good product design is a whole lot of heart. Mladen Barbaric, the founder and CEO of Pearl Studios, explained at Gigaom’s Roadmap conference Wednesday why design is a “deeply human and profoundly emotional” process, and design projects created with love have a better chance to resonate with the general populace.

Manuals show Sony QX 10, QX 100 all-in-one lens cameras for smartphones

Earlier this week, the SonyAlphaRumors blog posted pictures of a compete Sony camera inside a traditional-looking camera lens. On Friday, the site followed up with images from the camera manuals and found that the lenses support tripods. The interesting idea behind the Sony(s sne) QX10 and QX100 is to add a high-quality image sensor and optics to an existing smartphone, turning the handset into both a viewfinder and storage device. These snap-on products would allow smartphone owners to upgrade their camera without buying a new phone.

SD card turns digital cameras into Instagram machines

Eye-Fi’s new $79 Mobile X2 memory card for digital cameras can be used to get images from a point-and-shoot or DLSR to a iOS or Android device, making it easy to share pics on Instagram, Facebook, TwitPic or any number of other photo sharing sites.

Of funerals, digital photos and impermanence

The era of cheap digital photography means it is easier than ever to take a good picture, but it also means we are drowning in photos, and pictures have become just another form of digital detritus. Where will those digital memories be when we need them?

Why Kodak’s bankruptcy should scare Nokia

After 132 years in business, photo film maker Kodak filed for bankruptcy and in the process becoming yet another fallen corporate giant. The company’s failure has lessons for others such as Yahoo and Nokia who might meet a fate similar to the photo company.

Flickr Says Apple’s Next Victim Is the Point-&-Shoot

The iPhone 4 is about to become the most popular camera used on Flickr, while traditional point-and-shoot cameras are experiencing a sure and steady decline, according to newly released data. The numbers are a good indication that the iPhone is far from done disrupting markets.